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A creative and meticulous team

Since 1 January 2021, Chambers has been the new name of Stephen Chambers Architects (SCA), which was founded in 2011. So, there you have it: a collective, with some fine creative and thorough personalities built around the agency's founder and inspiration. The renunciation of the personal nature of the structure has another particular significance. From day one, Stephen Chambers has rejected the notion of the designer whose personal expression is imposed indiscriminately and mechanically on all clients and all creations under the pretext of a 'signature'. A signature you buy at the expense of an original project; a very fleeting satisfaction. Therefore, each Chambers employee works at creating and faithfully making reality - very important - places, atmospheres and uses that precisely reflect the fundamental aspirations of their clients. And beyond. Stephen sees to that.

Here are the faces and backgrounds of the team members. Most are architects with a passion for interior design.


Chambers Architects is an SAS registered with the French Order of Architects. Created in 2011, it specialises in interior design and building renovation.


Josiane Lourenço

Administrative Director

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