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Macquarie a giorno

For over a year now, the staff of Australian bank Macquarie have been working in their French headquarters on the Champs-Élysées Marcel-Dassault traffic circle, and know from experience what it's like to enjoy daylight in the office. Chambers Architects has made a point of letting them benefit from natural daylight as much as from the exceptional view [...].

Stay or go?

This question has recently arisen for many of our customers, who are faced with growing or changing workforces, particularly since the boom in teleworking. Should they stay in their existing premises and, if possible, adapt them to the new needs of the company and its employees? Should this idea be ruled out from the outset [...]?

Franklin, IGH becomes ERP

Chambers architects is currently working on a project for Soremi, a real estate company based in the Paris region, to convert office space into a higher education establishment. The project is being developed on the two floors of the base of the Franklin Tower in La Défense. Integrating an ERP into a high-rise building is a simple equation, but its technical and administrative solution is complex. This [...]


CHAMBERS is a Franco-English company. Our clients are both French and Anglo-Saxon, including leading American international groups setting up in Paris. We tend to think that the corporate world is a universal reality, with identical codes, practices and atmospheres. But this is only true on the surface. The social and urban context in which employees evolve differs from one place to another, from one continent to another. The vision of the working environment that boards develop also varies according to their cultural roots, not to mention sector-specific differences. The French, the Americans and the English don't have the same idea of what a law firm should be, its spaces, its functions, its scalability... CHAMBERS thinks of interior architecture and design at the crossroads of national and cultural prisms. This is where we draw our inspiration and our standards.

Our projects.

Our adventures.

As CHAMBERS duplicates nothing from one project to the next, other than our desire, high standards and mastery, each one is experienced as an adventure. And despite all the difficulties inherent in such undertakings, it's a happy one when it's shared by our client. This is often the case.

The BBDO agency in 2014

BBDO Agency

In 2014, CHAMBERS designed the headquarters of the legendary 80s advertising agency known for its slogans, including the cult "Demain j'enlève le haut" for the Avenir poster company.