Already present at La Défense in the Promenade and the Paroi Nord de la Grande Arche, IÉSEG, a world-class management school, will soon be taking over the greater part of Les Collines de l'Arche. Designed in the 90s by @Jean-Pierre Buffi, the building, which is currently being renovated, will house 25 modular classrooms, workspaces, coworking areas and social spaces over 8 floors and 6,200 m². The top two floors are reserved for offices. After having designed the interior architecture and space planning @Chambers architects is now following the realization phase, which is being completed as we speak.

The project is characterized by a constant concern for the reversibility of the building's vast floor areas, which can be re-divided by modular partitioning, whether for teaching activities or tertiary spaces. It even ventures outside, with the addition of an access hatch on the façade opening onto a double-height hall. This glass-and-metal box straddles the original walkway, revealing the school's entrance in the glazed flatness of the façade. The IÉSEG trademark will soon be affixed.